Al Sain (President)
Fred Lamolinara (Board Mem.)
Joe Perry (Treasurer)
Pat King (Membership)
Scott  Bailey (Raffles)
2018 Memberships
2017 - 396 Members
Hunting Restrictions:
We are closed for:
Fall turkey season -
Oct 27, Nov 3, 10, & 24
Deer season -
Nov 26 through Dec 8
Current News and Upcoming Events
Great News!!!! update
On August 1st, we were informed that both our applications for DCNR
grants were approved.  
Link to article in the Tribune Review.
Grant 1 - New Member Building
We were awarded $110,400 to build a new member building.  The
building will include a pavilion, heated restrooms, an office/store,
heated storage for sensitive equipment and tools, and a large
unheated storage for other equipment.  We will begin work
immediately, but we need to follow the grant procedures, so you may
not see anything on the ground until Spring 2019.  The new building
should eliminate the need for the temporary facilities in our current
member area.
Grant 2 - Master Plan
We also received $29,800 to complete a Master Plan.  While most of
this money will be paid to outside consultants, the important thing for
us to do is look forward and identify projects or equipment we may
want over the next 5 to 10 years.  If those items are justified and
identified in the Master Plan, then it will be easier to get DCNR funding.
Member Picnic - Chinese Auction
The Chinese Auction is a
crowd favorite every year.  
Please call or text Michelle
Hayden with any donated items
you plan to bring.  
This is a great money-maker
for the club as well.
Member Picnic - Food
Another fan favorite is the food!  The club is providing chicken, hot &
mild sausage, hot dogs, lemonade, iced tea, & water.  Members are
asked to bring a covered dish.  (FYI homemade cookies are my
Member Picnic - Photo Scavenger Hunt
New this year will be a photo scavenger hunt.  Instead of actually
collecting the scavenger items you simply take a picture of them with
your phone or camera.  The picture must include you.  You can take a
selfie or ask a friend.
Member Picnic - Tours
A tour of the new extreme trails will be available.  These trails are
tight, narrow, and difficult.  The tour is intended for ATVs or dirt bikes
only and riders with a high skill level and will take about 90min.
Recent Videos and
New extreme trail
Drone Footage
Bridge Construction
KDKA Story
Hillview Open House
Extreme Trail
Single Track
Outdoor Life Pics
Outdoor Life Article
Club Picnic pics
Safe, legal
riding close
to home.
Club Forms
Most Often Printed
Meeting Minutes
Click on the link above to view
our Google Drive folder
containing ALL meeting
minutes from 2005 until today.
Club Documents
Click on the link above to view
our Google Drive folder
containing ALL Club
Documents.  You will find all of
the following and more:
  • Brochure
  • Nesletters
  • Waiver forms
  • Directions to trailhead &
  • By-Laws
  • Membership Statistics
  • Club Calendar
Non-club Stuff
This folder in our Google drive
holds documents from DCNR,
PaOHV, and other
organizations that relate to our
club or sport.
Upcoming Schedule
Work Days - Aug 5 & 18
Club Picnic - Aug 19
Club Meeting - Sep 5
Work Days - Sep 9 & 22
Open House - Sep 23
Club Raffle Ticket
About 15% of our revenue
comes from our quarterly raffle
ticket.  For $3 you get 2 3-digit
numbers that are based on the
Evening Pick-3 number.

See sample below

If you can sell 5, 10, or 20
tickets each quarter, please
contact Scott.

Scott with any questions:
Indian Creek Valley  ATV Club
Work List
New Building