Al Sain (President)
Fred Lamolinara (Board Mem.)
Joe Perry (Treasurer)
Pat King (Membership)
Scott  Bailey (Raffles)
Current Membership
Hunting Restrictions:
Closed for Turkey:
Oct 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, 24-26
Closed for Deer:
Nov 28-Dec 3 and Dec 5-10
Local residents plan to hunt
archery season on the new 93
acres.  We will not close, but if
you see them please respect
their space.
Current News and Upcoming Events
Work Day
My job as president can get VERY frustrating when I deal with DEP,
DCNR and others. But yesterday was a great day that makes it all
worth it. At Wednesday night's meeting I listed work that needed to get
done hopefully before winter. Yesterday we had the largest work crew
that I can remember. Members took it upon themselves to take those
listed items and get them done. A special THANKS to all that helped. I
hope the rest of our membership appreciates the help as much as I do.
Al Sain, President
Trail Grooming
We have hired a dozer to do some trail grooming.  The work started on
Friday Oct 28th and will continue the following week.  Please respect
this work and expense by riding slowly over the loose dirt to pack it
down.  When diversions are opened using a dozer they look like the
start of a new trail.  Branches have been placed across the diversion
in an attempt to direct you down the trail.  Please leave them.
Club Trip to Spearhead Trails
The club trip to Spearhead trails in Virginia was really nice.  
Spearhead offers a trail system that is similar to Hatfield, but not nearly
as large.  The towns are ATV friendly and the people were happy to
have us visit.  Click on the following links to see the pictures and the
one video:
Pictures      Day 3 Video
Timbering Continues
Timbering continues on the property north of Melcroft Road.  Once
complete they will move to the south side.  Trails across Hopewell
Road will be closed as needed for that work.  But there will be access
from the current member area to the new area down the steep and
rocky part of Trail 200.
Recent Videos and
KDKA Story
Hillview Open House
Extreme Trail
Single Track
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Outdoor Life Article
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Club Forms
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Meeting Minutes
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Club Documents
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Documents.  You will find all of
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Waiver forms
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Membership Statistics
Club Calendar
Non-club Stuff
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Upcoming Schedule
Work Day - November 6
Meeting - December 7
Work Day - December 11
Meeting - January 4
Work Day - January 8
Indian Creek Valley ATV Club
Club Raffle Ticket
10% of our annual income
comes from our quarterly raffle
ticket.  For $3 you get 2 3-digit
numbers that are based on the
Evening Pick-3 number.

See sample below

If you can sell 5, 10, or 20
tickets each quarter, please
contact Scott.

Scott with any questions:
As a member, you can support
this effort by purchasing one or
more tickets for each quarter
by sending a check or using
the PayPal button below to pay
$12 per ticket.