Al Sain (President)
Fred Lamolinara (Board Mem.)
Joe Perry (Treasurer)
Pat King (Membership)
Scott  Bailey (Raffles)
2018 Memberships
2017 - 396 Members
Hunting Restrictions:
Closed for turkey season:
Apr 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26
Deer & Fall turkey seasons
will be announced later.
Current News and Upcoming Events
Work List
There is a new menu item above (Work List) to see the list of work
that needs to be done.  It is a Word document so you can add items as
New Bench
On Sunday a new bench was
dedicated to Nancy Breakiron.   Bob
and his son Bob, Jr. and daughter
Deanne were there for a quick
ceremony.  Thanks to member Jerry
for  doing a great job on the bench
and for organizing the day.  
More pics
New Planter
Member Jerry and his wife Carol have
started work on a planter against the
storage unit.  It is a work in progress,
but already looks pretty cool!
ATV Rally
We received a notice about an upcoming ATV
Rally.  If anyone plans to attend, please let
other members know on our Facebook page.   
Click on the notice to see or print the page.
Cool Drone Footage
Click here to view a really cool video taken with a drone following a dirt
bike on our trails.
Upcoming Open House
Our first Open House of the year is June 24th.  We will set up the day
before and we ask all members to park across the street again.  The
food truck will be there, so we need help with parking, registration,
selling our merchandise, and trail ambassador.
New Trails
The work crew has been busy clearing some new trails.  Please stay
off the trails until there are signs marking them.  They may not be
complete or they may have dangerous situations that need machine
Spring Turkey Season is in
At the request of our landowners, our trails are closed all Saturdays of
Spring Turkey season.  That means no riding the last Saturday of April
and all Saturdays in May until after noon.
Trails Closed
The trails from 100
on out are closed.  
Please respect the
request and the
signs and stay off.
2018 Hatfield-McCoy Trips (Update)
Spring trip is June 10th – 14th arrive Sunday and leave Thursday
morning. It’s $200 a person.  
Money not due until May 15th.

Fall will be in October dates
are OCT 14-17 (S-W), register by June
30TH, payment by Sep 1st.

If you are planning on going please contact me by Facebook
messenger or my email:

Wendy Schrecongost
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KDKA Story
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Meeting Minutes
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our Google Drive folder
containing ALL meeting
minutes from 2005 until today.
Club Documents
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containing ALL Club
Documents.  You will find all of
the following and more:
  • Brochure
  • Nesletters
  • Waiver forms
  • Directions to trailhead &
  • By-Laws
  • Membership Statistics
  • Club Calendar
Non-club Stuff
This folder in our Google drive
holds documents from DCNR,
PaOHV, and other
organizations that relate to our
club or sport.
Upcoming Schedule
Club Meeting - Jun 6
Work Day - Jun 10
OH Setup - Jun 23
Club Meeting - Jul 11
Work Day - Jul 15
Club Raffle Ticket
About 15% of our revenue
comes from our quarterly raffle
ticket.  For $3 you get 2 3-digit
numbers that are based on the
Evening Pick-3 number.

See sample below

If you can sell 5, 10, or 20
tickets each quarter, please
contact Scott.

Scott with any questions:
Indian Creek Valley  ATV Club
Work List