Club Store:
Membership Pricing
For New Members: Pricing is based on the number of machines in the "Family".  "Family" is husband, wife,
and children under 18 years of age.  You need 1 tag for each machine operated by a family member.  You
must have completed a
Membership Application, and if applicable the Minor Waiver Form in order to
complete your membership order.
For Renewing Members: If your info is the same as last year, just add a note with your PayPal payment.  
You don't need to fill out the form if nothing has changed.  For minor changes, you can email with those changes and then make your payment with PayPal.  However we do need
signed copies of the
Adult Waiver Form (back of application), and if applicable the Minor Waiver Form.
Membership - 1st Tag   
Membership - 2nd Tag
Membership - Additional Tags
$10 Each
Late Year Adjustment
If you join in the last 4 months of the calendar year,
you can pay this additional amount and get your
membership through the following riding season.
$40 - Sep.
$30 - Oct.
$20 - Nov.
$10 - Dec.
Late Year Adjustment:
Unusual Items:
Use this PayPal button to make unusual payments
such as:  "Working" Member 1st Tag, 1-day Ride Fee,
or corrections to memberships.  Use the Comment field
to explain your payment.
Unusual Items
User Note
Safe, legal
riding close
to home.
Indian Creek Valley ATV Club