Congratulations to our 2019 OFFICERS and Board of directors!


Election of board members and officers took place December 5th during the monthly membership meeting at nearby ICV Sportsman Club. We would like to thank those members who make our club possible by donating their valuable time.


AL SAIN – President
Al is a retired professional engineer who has been involved with ICV ATV Club since 2004. He held every office except Treasurer and Corporate Secretary. His favorite part of the Club is creating new trails. Al hopes to continue his involvement and to see continued growth in membership and new trails.

MARK SHAW – Vice President

Mark joined ICV ATV Club in 2005. He works for Allegheny High Lift as a Forklift Mechanic. Mark served on the Board of Directors starting in 2007, and has served as Vice President since 2012.

JOE PERRY – Treasurer

Joe is a retired athletic director who has been a member of ICV ATV Club since 2005, where he has held the office of Treasurer since 2009. If you can't find Joe riding his Wolverine at the Club, you might find him on the blacktop in his antique Corvette.

PAT KING – Statistical Secretary

DONNA HAYDEN – Corporate Secretary

BOB BREAKIRON – Board of Directors

DAVE HAYDEN – Board of Directors

JERRY SZALANKIEWICZ – Board of Directors
Jerry has been a member at ICV ATV Club since 2008 after retiring from ATI. He enjoys being outdoors, socializing with others, and sharing his passion for riding with current and new members. As a Board Member, he wants to contribute in any way he can to see the Club grow and prosper.

CHRIS FIKE – Board of Directors

Fred has been a member of the ICV ATV Club since early 2000 and only recently stepped down from his position on the Board of Directors to take the newly established position as Trail Master. What he enjoys most is seeing the Club transform with some of the best trails in the area. He also likes hosting member events and taking trips to other riding areas in-state, or out-of-state. As Trail Master, Fred and his team want to improve existing trails and to maintain them as best they can all year round. Fred has held positions as Regular Member, Working Member, Board Member, and President.


CHRIS HAAS – Board of Directors
Chris joined ICV ATV Club in early 2017 after a long military career. He was excited to find a proactive ATV Club with respect for the environment so close to home to unwind without driving long distances to access legal trails. He enjoys the camaraderie on Work Days, and is especially fond of hosting guest riders in the hopes of attracting new members with similar interests in powersports.

SCOTT BAILEY – Director of Gaming

WENDY SCHRECONGOST – Director of Social Media
Wendy has been a member of ICV ATV Club since 2009. She first got interested in joining when she accompanied other Club members on one of their many group trips. Her role as Director of Social Media is to maintain the Club website and, with help from other members, create posts on Facebook to highlight upcoming events and club activities.