want to do more with the club?

ICV ATV is a club founded by members for the members. Without our members volunteering their time IVC ATV Club would not exist. If you want to become more involved in the club here is a list of ways you can help make our club one of the best places to ride in South Western PA.

Work Days

Work days are a way for club members to help improve ICV’s grounds and trails. We try to keep the cost of membership down by doing trail maintenance ourselves. With your help we don’t have to hire a business to do ground and trail maintenance.

Did you know if each ICV member came to one work day out of the 12 a year, that would be about 32 members per work day. Just image how the trails and grounds would look!

See work list for some of the things that need done at the club.

Fund Rasing

The money we raise from our fundraisers along with membership fees goes towards ICV improvement projects. These improvement projects help to buy materials needed for trail maintenance such as gravel for filling in holes, gas for weed eaters and mowers to keep the parking area mowed, and to help purchase or lease new land for trails.

Raffle Tickets: If you would like to help out by selling raffle tickets or help with managing the raffle, please contact Scott Bailey at (412)760-8707.

Raffles are drawn quarterly and the numbers are based on the evening PA Pick-3 number.

Grant Writing

Every year ICV tries to get grants to help with improvement projects. Some of you may know that ICV is planning to build a membership building. Some of the funding for the new building is through the grants we have applied for. We have also gotten grants to help us improve our environment by building bridges as well as creating new trails and purchasing land.

If you would like to help with the grant application process, please contact Al Slain under contact us or send us a message for more information about how you can help.

ATV Safety training

Are you interested in safety? Do you want to help other riders learn how to be safe while trail riding?

ICV would like hold safety training at the club grounds. If you want to teach ATV, Bike, and SXS safety but don’t know where to begin DCNR and ASI provides training so you can become a certified trainer.

Please send us message below if you would like to become a trainer.


please contact us if you want to help out or have any questions