ICV ATV Club was founded BY members - FOR members. Without the help of members volunteering their time, IVC ATV Club could not exist.

Looking for a way to reduce the cost of membership? Then consider volunteering some time and become involved. Below are some ways to earn a reduced membership.

Go to our rates page to learn more on how to a reduced membership is earned.

Work days

Work days are a very important part of the Club's existence. We do a wide variety of tasks such as grooming trails, mowing grass, and creating new trails. Work days are scheduled once a month. Members who participate in ten work days a year are eligible for reduced membership the following year.

We encourage every member to take part in at least one work day a year. Please see our events page to plan your next work day.

See our work list for projects needing done at the Club.


The money we collect through our fundraising efforts, along with annual membership fees, goes towards Club improvement projects, land, and administrative costs. The money we take in enables us to purchase materials needed for trail maintenance, such as gravel for filling in holes, sign posts, diesel fuel and gasoline for maintenance equipment, etc. We also maintain accounts to help purchase or lease additional land for new trails.

Fundraising Ideas: If you have and idea to help the club raise money we want to hear from you. Please send us a message below with Fundraising in the subject line.


Each year ICV ATV Club applies for grants to help fund its projects. Some of you may know we are in the planning stages to construct a permanent club structure to replace the aging mobile facilities currently in use. A large portion of the building will be funded through a grant. In the past we were awarded grants to improve our stewardship of the environment by building a sturdy bridge, purchasing additional land and creating new trails.

If you want to help with the grant application process, please contact Al Slain under contact us, or send us a message below with "Grant Writing" in the subject line.

ATv safety

Are you concerned about riding safety? Do you want to help other riders learn how to be safe on the trails?

ICV ATV Club is looking for responsible riders who would like to teach trail safety. It's no problem if you're not a certified trainer, but still want to teach. PA DCNR and ASI provide training for you to become certified.

If this interests you, please submit a message below with "ATV Safety" in the subject line.

Social Media

The role of the Social Media Committee is to update the Club website with pertinent news, events and other information. We surf the Internet to see what other clubs are doing and make recommendations to improve the experience on our site. The Committee also updates the Club's Facebook posts to promote events and to respond to users' questions and concerns. We also monitor the Club's Forum by approving member's request to join, and to stop abuse should any arise.

The amount of time involved to be a member of the Committee is up to you it can be a few minutes to create a post on Facebook, to as much time as you care to contribute surfing the Internet or updating the website.

If this interests you, contact our Director of Social Media by filling out the information below with "Social Media" in the subject line.


contact us if you want to help, or IF YOU have any questions.