Al Sain (President)
Fred Lamolinara (Board Mem.)
Joe Perry (Treasurer)
Pat King (Membership)
Scott  Bailey (Raffles)
2017 Membership
2016 - 292 Members
Hunting Restrictions:
To be announced.
Current News and Upcoming Events
Club Picnic
The club picnic is August 20.  The club will provide drinks and the main
meal.  Members are asked to bring a covered dish such as pasta,
potato, salad, or desert.  You are welcome to ride on your own, or join
a group for a tour.  Ideas for tours are a slow ride of easy trails or a
faster ride on more difficult trails.  Let us know if you have other ideas.
Chinese Auction
Please bring an item for the chinese auction.  Last year this event
raised over $300 for the club and was a lot of fun.  Please contact
Michelle Hayden at 724-925-3331 and let her know if you plan to bring
Membership is the highest we have seen in a decade.  That's good
news for our finances and it speaks well about what we are offering to
off-road enthusiasts.  The flip side is that we will have more traffic on
the trails and more potential for problems.
It is often said that 10% of the people do 90% of the work.  In our case
it is 5% doing 95% of the work.  Please consider helping on work days
or just help when you ride.  Pick up garbage you see and clear debris
from the trails.
Access improvements
We have received permission from the local Township to get better
access to local businesses.  You can now ride from trail 201 down
through the Melcroft Park parking area, park at the split rail fence, and
walk across the street to G&D Market.  You can also cross Melcroft
Road from that point, drive behind the building, and wash your ride off
at Eddie’s Carwash.  This is a privilege and can be taken away.  
DCNR Grant Update
While we have had the ceremony celebrating our grant, we still have
not completed the closing.  DCNR has approved our deed and other
documents and will need another 4-6 weeks to write a check.
Club Trip to Hatfield
4 videos and pics from our trip.
Day 1  Day 2  Day 3 Day4 Pics
The Move Continues
The security camera system is up and running.  A privacy fence has
been added to hide the junk between the trailers.  And we will continue
to add signs.
Recent Videos and
Bridge Construction
KDKA Story
Hillview Open House
Extreme Trail
Single Track
Outdoor Life Pics
Outdoor Life Article
Club Picnic pics
Safe, legal
riding close
to home.
Club Forms
Most Often Printed
Meeting Minutes
Click on the link above to view
our Google Drive folder
containing ALL meeting
minutes from 2005 until today.
Club Documents
Click on the link above to view
our Google Drive folder
containing ALL Club
Documents.  You will find all of
the following and more:
Waiver forms
Directions to trailhead &
Membership Statistics
Club Calendar
Non-club Stuff
This folder in our Google drive
holds documents from DCNR,
PaOHV, and other
organizations that relate to our
club or sport.
Upcoming Schedule
Club Meeting - Aug 2
Work Day - Aug 6
Picnic - August 20
Club Meeting - Sep 6
Work Day - Sep 10
Open House - September 17
Club Raffle Ticket
About 15% of our revenue
comes from our quarterly raffle
ticket.  For $3 you get 2 3-digit
numbers that are based on the
Evening Pick-3 number.

See sample below

If you can sell 5, 10, or 20
tickets each quarter, please
contact Scott.

Scott with any questions:
Indian Creek Valley ATV Club