General rules

  1. All riders must wear a DOT, Snell, or other approved off-road helmet.
  2. Alcohol is not permitted.
  3. Riders under age 16 must be under the direct supervision and within eyesight of a parent or guardian at all times.
  4. Be mindful of oncoming traffic, particularly on blind curves and on hills.
  5. Stay on the trail, or stay home! Cutting corners and driving off trails degrades the trail system.
  6. Trails are open for daylight riding only.
  7. No littering, no camping, no fires.
  8. Operate at a reasonable speed and maintain control at all times.
  9. The club is open year round except for hunting season. See Hunting Season Restrictions below for more information.​
  10. Respect other trail users. Many of our trails are on property leased from local landowners who occasionally use the trails for horse back riding. When this happens, pull to the side of the trail and turn off your machine until the horses have passed.


  1. All machines must be insured.
  2. Every ATV and UTV must display a current state-issued registration plate and/or sticker.
  3. The annual ICV ATV Club tag shall be displayed on all members' machines at all times. No Exceptions.
  4. Affix the ICV ATV Club tag to ensure it is clearly visible to approaching riders.
    1. ATVs and Dirt bikes the tag should be Located on the handle bars.
    2. UTVs and SxS this is the roll bar or taped to the windshield.


  1. Please use 4-wheel drive and follow the gravel road when entering the area.
  2. Go Slow and apply brakes gently when pulling off the gravel and onto the grass.
  3. Be careful with unloading/loading as to not dig up the grass in the parking area.


Many trails are on land leased from local landowners who enjoy hunting. Out of respect and gratitude, we close all trails on specified dates. Failure to abide by this policy could easily result in the loss of access to various trails. The annual closures are as follows:

  1. Fall turkey season: All trails CLOSED on Saturdays.
  2. Antlered deer season: All trails CLOSED Monday thru Saturday for two weeks. Trails open Sundays only.
  3. Spring turkey season: All trails CLOSED on Saturdays until 1:00 PM.